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Ocomondo is the
social educational platform
where YOU can contribute!

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We believe in learning by playing

Ocomondo is a fun way of learning new stuff.

There's an Oco for that...

From basic math for young children
to complex geography, history,
arts & literature for grown ups.

track progress

Track your progress

See how you and your family
members perform in the
Activity Timeline.


You can contribute.

Educate your world by sharing your knowledge.

Create a Bundle

A Bundle can contain multiple Ocos.
Pick a category and start creating.

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Create Ocos

Creating Ocos is really simple:
use the Editor to create Oco tiles by
uploading images or typing text.

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Submit for Review

When you think your Bundle is
ready for sale, Submit it for Review.

Our editors will review your Bundle and
once approved, release it
for the Store

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